Shiloh Godson: International Sound Designer.

To begin 2022 we turn our attention to Nigeria and the rise of a sound engineer. This BLOG will be diversifying more in 2022 to ensure it covers all parts of our industry.

Shiloh Godson is an international sound and recording engineer who has worked in London, Canada and his country of Birth, Nigeria. Currently working on independent filming projects in Nigeria and supporting and assisting families living in one of the thirty plus Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Nigeria.

Originally a graduate in Biochemistry Shiloh began his sound career with Nuendo and Soundforge equipment at his local church. He spoke of his conversion to a sound career in an excellent interview with Janette Alle in “The Compressed Interview”.

Shiloh contacted Obi Emelonye (Last Flight to Abuja (2012), Onye Ozi (2013)) seeking work and support. The award winning director sent Shiloh a piece of film to work on, and then a second more complex item. The great director was impressed and work followed. Since then Shiloh has worked internationally and puts his success down to persistence and “…keep knocking on doors nonstop..”

In addition to Obi Emelonye, Shiloh has also had the opportunity to discuss his art with Paula Fairfield, the triple Emmy award winning Canadian sound designer, famed for Game of Thrones

In discussing his favourite project to date, Shiloh has no doubt; this he sees as “Badamasi (Portrait of a General)”. The opportunity to address a dark chapter in his country’s history. Challenging and difficult as the subject was, the sound quality in the film is superb. The technical difficulties of recording and presenting gun fire, in particular, is an area

A first rate sound specialist who can make gunfire sound realistic, either from a distance or close up, Shioh Godson is a quality engineer a track record of product to back up his excellent C.V.

For more information take a look at Shiloh’s Linkedin page:

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