John Locke is a UK based character actor who made a successful return to film, television and theatre in 2012.

Recent and current activity:

Vindication Swim , Harold Best , Elliott Hasler,Relsah Productions , Summer 2024

Poor Things, David, Baxter Film Productions, Yorgos Lanthimos, 2024

Charlie Shaw's Revenge, Nelson, Drop Dead Films, Langridge/Hayward, 2023

Battle of Brighton

, Narrator, Comedy Talks Productions, John Lawrenson, 2024

High Strangeness

, Caleb, Schmetterling/SFS Productions, Daniel Booroff, 2024


, Gandad, Booroff Film Productions, Daniel Booroff, 2023


, The Priest, RASP Films, Ruda Santos, 2022

To The Deluge, Reggie, Tajona Karhu Film Productions, Tajona Karhu, 2022

Time & Tide,The Lighthouse Keeper, Justin Spray, Marc Green, Jonathan Stow, Moving Pictures Theatre, Summer 2021

Witches of God, Father O'Clery, Giant Squid Productions, Daya Dodds, 2021

Alice Through the Looking, The Old Banker, 12th Battalion Productions, Adam Donen, 2021


, The Followspot Operator, MGM, Joe Wright, 2020

The Last Lighthouse Keeper

,The Lighthouse Keeper, Lucy Nordberg & Marc Green, Moving Pictures Theatre, May 2020

Year of the Rabbit

, Neil Fromage - Passionate Speaker, Ben Taylor , Objective Media Group, July 2019

To Hunt a Tiger ,The Man, Relsah Films, Elliot Hasler, 2018

What's My First Line?!, Charles, beach baby productions, Stage Play, Rialto Theatre, Brighton , October 2018.

Tempest, Graham, Shark-Eye Films, Justin Spray, Release date Autumn 2018

Teen Spirit

, Gary, Automatik Entertainment, Max Minghella, 2018

The Favourite

, Eviction Courtier, Element Pictures, Yorgos Lanthimos, 2018

When Swallows Fly Low, David Harn, Giant Squid Films, Daya Dodds, 2017

Darkest Hour, Oliver Wilson, Working Titles Films, Joe Wright, 2017

In Memoriam, Father, Audley+Co. Productions, Natalie Audley, 2016.

A l'ouest Professeur de Beaux-Arts, Cedric Tanguy & Nicolas Bellenchombre, 2016.

Hands of a Collector, Proborne, Cone Films, Ash Warner, 2015

Rabbit Foot, Hopkins, Inspiration Films, Luke Langsdale, 2015

Jupiter Ascending Warner Bros., Bureaucrat, The Wachowskis, 2015.

Legend of the Fourth King

, one person play, Westminster Productions, touring to Switzerland and London, Barn Theatre 2013

The Great I Am, In the Trenches, Paradise, Tis Pity

, Richard and Director, Audley+Co Productions, Brighton and Edinburgh Festival, 2013-2014

Jury member for the Selection Officielle at the 4th Canadian/Dieppe/Brighton Film Festival 20th-26th September 2017 and for the French Canadian court metrage anime in Brighton 25th September 2017

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