Here you can find a brief selection of portraits & stills from recent work.

Take a look at my resume for a thorough list of projects I have worked on, or contact me for any projects you think I can help with.

Portrait photography - Alex Thirlwell
Rabbit's Foot photography - Oliver Wallington
Hands of a Collector - Ash Warner, Cone Films
In Memoriam - Natalie Audley, Audley+Co
Vindication Swim - Stewart Weir
Year of the Rabbit - Ben Meadows
To Hunt a Tiger - Lizzi Luff and Simon Hasler
Last Lighthouse Keeper - Alexx Paul Sherman

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Vindication Swim

The Last Lighthouse Keeper

Year of the Rabbit

To Hunt a Tiger

In Memoriam

Hands of a Collector

When Swallows Fly Low - Daya Dodds, Giant Squid Films

Tempest- Justin Spray

Rabbit Foot Film Shoot

DACB Corporate Video

Black and white portraits

Colour portraits

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