Preview 4 of films from “Inheritance” International Film Festival. “The Azapend”, “blue”, “The Last Oak”

Somewhere in the near future, or just beyond the present, familiar social interaction and all that we know has dissolved and crumbled. A lone voice is heard reaching back to our time: a warning? a goodbye? Is it all inevitable?

The film is written, conceived and performed by Veronica Jean Trickett, cast member of Raindance and independent film maker both as cast and crew. Also known for appearances as ‘Moses’ in Intimate Zero and as ‘Tess Albright’ in BBC Doctors. Veronica’s considerable talents have been turned to good advantage in this striking, worrying but engaging film contribution to ‘Inheritance’, created during the 2020 part of the lockdown. A taster from Veronica’s own excellent Showreel below.

Commissioned by the Valdez Adventure Alliance, “blue” (small ‘b’!) is a fantasy, an adventure and an anthem for the Alaskan wilderness. Aly Nicklas, born and raised in Alaska has a joy, verging on obsession, with social activism, conservation, environmentalism and testing the boundaries of what is possible.

Much applauded “blue” takes us on a bike ride of a lifetime! Training wheels having been removed a four year old girl engages in a fantasy of what might be possible as she lifts her eyes to the mountains beyond her home. Traveling in her imagination, but actually with a group of highly talented and bold female athletes, we ride with them through the river gorges and valleys, mountain and glacier passes….”Wild people in Wild places”. This is a magnificent environmental film and a testimony to the human spirit and the dreams of a little girl!

Annabel Vine is a writer/director that began her career out as an editor. Known currently for her community film work, focussing on the resilience that there is within communities. See Deborah Espect’s interview with Annabel, below:

The production comes in association with BFI and BAFTA crews and stars Aurora Fearnley, Angus Django and Allison Kositz and Christian Kositz. “The only surviving soldier of an eco-security force must overcome his inexperience and complete and important mission that will save his future in more ways than one…” Annabel Vine’s experience comes to the fore in this well crafted and executed film that makes a powerful contribution to current debates and environmental action.


  1. Veronica Jean Trickett

    Hello John,

    It’s Veronica here – got a Google alert about your blog and I just wanted to send on thanks for taking the time to review x

    If you’d like to connect I’d love to do a mutual follow. I’m veronica_jean_trickett on insta and @VJTweeting on Twitter.

    I’ve had some work that’s been released quite recently and is doing well too.

    It’s on Prime but I can send you a link if you’d like a private view. I know the director is also looking for reviewers if that is something you are still doing and would be interested in 🙂

    Either way I was very grateful to read your blog.

    Thank you.

    V x

  2. Post

    Veronica, sincere apologies for not replying to your message sooner. The Blog has, unfortunately, been a victim of some changes in circumstance for me so has been in cold storage since you wrote. I am now seeking to start this part of my work up again so look forward to catching up with what you have been doing and how your career has been progressing in the last 18 months! With warmest good wishes.


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