Join the International Moving Image Society

We have a recommendation to start 2024, and invite you to consider joining the International Moving Image Society!

The Society is the international network for professionals working throughout the industry. IMIS facilitates professionals to network across areas of expertise. The organisation pronotes synergy, employment opportunities and aims to increase knowledge and skills within and between members. The cross disciplinary approach of IMIS assists to make professionals better at what they do and encourages collaboration with other specialists.

Importantly IMIS is authorised by the UK Government to act as an accreditor for University, Film School and Production Courses.

As an organisation it offers a unique opportunity to meet with and gain experience from other individuals who may be able to help, advise or mentor rising talent!

(Image courtesy of Relsah Productions showing Elliott Hasler filming Vindication Swim taken from IMIS lecture at Bournemouth University Autumn 2023)

I will have more to say about IMIS but, for now, please click on the Homepage link below and take a look at the short promotional film and what IMIS does does and how it works.

Membership application forms are also available. Joining IMIS is highly recommended, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned Pro or someone retired but longing to share your expertise with the wonderful tide of rising graduates and new entrants to this fabulous business of ours!

John Locke (January 6th 2024).

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