Jack Clarke: New talent emerging from the Manchester scene.

Manchester is no stranger to producing strong, original talent with innovative ideas and styling to their work. Jack Clarke is one such emerging producer. Schooled at the University of Salford, and selected for the BFI Creative Producer Lab 2021 project, Clarke is now turning heads with his first major feature, as producer.

Manchester is also, of course, no stranger to great films and working class themes: “Love on the Dole” (1941), “The Man in the White Suit” (1951), “Hobson’s Choice” (1954), “A Taste of Honey” (1961), to name but four, so Jack Clarke‘s intention to continue to giving voice to Working Class experiences is founded both in truth and in genuine experiences of working people and the very fabric of Manchester’s artistic history.

“Nobody Loves You and you Don’t Deserve to Exist”, the debut film from “Serious Feather” production company, tells an all too familiar story, but gives the theme an added bite. Great Britain is struck by a highly contagious infection killing many and dissolving and breaking apart families. An English classroom teacher attempts to rebuild his life from the devastation that has befallen him. We follow him, Man, Boy and Youth as he rebuilds himself, from memory, by visiting the streets, cathedrals, canal paths and lost corners of Manchester, his home town.

Premiered in, Manchester, on 15th January 2022, to a enthusiastic critical response, Jack Clarke is continuing an excellent start to his career in film making and to producing films “…which authentically explore British working class life, informed by my experiences…”. One comment emerging from the premier saying “In one aspect it’s really bitter and dark and you want to laugh, because you felt it but then also (you feel) the substance here is heavy…”

There will be another opportunity to see this feature on the 19th February at the Manchester, Chapletown Picture House/GRUB, on the 19th February 2022.


The event is free, I am told, and there will be an opportunity to meet with and talk to the actors, director and producers. To promote this directors, producers and company are currently touring Manchester distributing publicity material to ensure their voices are heard. Another example of commitment and determination which should bring benefits to all concerned.

In addition to Jack Clarke‘s Producer, Brett Gregory directs and is responsible for the script, Robert Edwards and Gwyn Hemmings as DOP. In the cast we have David Howell as Jack (aged 50), James Ward as Jack (aged 21) and Reuben Clarke as Jack (aged 13), with Caroline Chesworth as The Narrator, Wendy Patterson as Helen and Julie Hannan as Barbara.

The Chapletown Picture House is an excellent venue, known for their support of rising stars. Such vision and generosity in promotion is to be applauded and this Blog emphasises its strong support for this first rate venue. If you are anywhere near Manchester on the 19th February the showing is strongly recommended!

We will be keeping you up to date as Jack Clarke’s career advances and also with the Manchester and Salford scene in particular!

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