54 heures

A stunning animated short film from Bruce Alcock and Paton Francis written by Michael Crummey. In 1914  a sealing ship met with disaster when 132 men became separated from their ship and were stranded on the ice. 78 of the men froze to death. Through the words of a sealer who experienced the sealing trade “…men fought to get a birth….it was rough going…and we got caught in the ice short of the seals” the film tells the story of the terror that unfolded. Footage from those times, from modern interviews and using truly remarkable shadow animation this beautiful film crafts a great little masterpiece lasting less than 14 minutes. The switch between old actual film footage and the animated shadow style all the time to a soundtrack with musicians Duane Andrews, Patrick Boyle, Bill Brennan and Aaron Collis, is masterfully done. Kevin Langdale’s animation style is captivating and Scott McClennan’s photography beautifully executed. Producers Annette Clarke and Michael Fukushina can be rightly proud of this film and thanks again to the National Film Board of Canada for their support in such projects without which films like this would never be made.

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