La Montagne de Sgaana

A young man makes his morning coffee and a mouse in Haida appears knitting a blanket, at speed, that tells a great story. A great sea hunter sits on the shore of the ocean and goes into the sea to capture his prey. The hunter is himself captured and taken to an under sea world from where his love, Kuuga Kuns, must rescue him. It is, of course, a tale from classical mythology.

Christopher Auchter monumental achievement is to complete a complex story telling challenge in a beautiful 10 minute mini masterpiece. Switching between a modern setting and the World of the capture, quest and rescue. The animation art is outstanding, beautiful, captivating and complex. The use of colour and the flow of the animation wonderful and this is a film and story worth seeking out. National Film Board of Canada once again in evidence to promote and contribute to the creation of this film.

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