Picking up on some of her characters from elsewhere Chintis Lundgren, an Estonian by birth, has crafted an original fable that plays on a number of themes in a satirical way that utilises Theatre of the Absurd to tell its story. Manivald, a fox, lives at home with his domineering and possessive Mother. He plays the piano, washes his smalls and life trolls along in a reasonable fashion. Then the need for a handyman arises. Enter Toomas a muscular, assertive and confident Wolf and their neat, organised, convenient world is torn asunder.  The problem is that both Mother and Manivald fall for Toomas. Who will win out? Mother? Manivald? Or life return to how it was before? Lundgren (Lundreni Animatioonistudio) uses 2D animation to tell this story with confidence, originality and skill. Made with support from Adriatic Animation and the National Film Board of Canada this 14 minute animated short has, rightly, received praise at film festivals around the World.


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