The Cannonball Woman

Madeleine and her husband work in a funfair and earn their living with the Human Cannon Ball trick with Madeleine being fired over ever increasing distances. Add to this that Madeleine has a secret desire to become a “bearded lady” and we have a recipe for an amusing and entertaining original 14 minute. stop-motion film from David Toutevoix and Albertine Zullo. Is this the end of a beautiful relationship? Are Madeleine’s days of being fired from the cannon over along with her marriage? Or will the fire of love return to reignite the cannon of their love? This is stop-motion at its best with beautifully created characters, excellent stop-motion technique and a strong story line to carry the animation through. With illustrator Albertine Zullo responsible for the artwork of the characters and David Toutevoix for the Director’s chair, the combination produces a film of high originality. This is David Toutevoix debut as director having previously been involved as cinematographer on “My Life as a Zucchini”, “Neige et les arbres magiques”, “Land of the Heads”, “La genie dela bioite de raviolis”, amongst others. Albertine Zullo, writer and illustrator was previously responsible for “Dwarf Giant”,  ( .


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