International Moving Image Society

The International Moving Image Society provides education, training and exposure to film, TV, video, music video, short film, commercial, animation, exhibition and media industries. The organisation recognises the constant changing, fluid and developing nature of the industry whether through mobile phone apps, changing nature of commercial advertising on television, billboards or at the cinema and elsewhere; wherever there are images being produced and manufactured to create a message the Society will be there with advice, promotional events and training. If it moves, has moved, will move, might move, gives an indication of moving IMIS will have something to say or advise about it.

The IMIS is a membership organisation and the benefits of membership can be found through such areas as promotional events for film shorts or show and tell evenings for emerging directors and producers. All these events also carry the benefit of networking events, the value of which should not be underestimated.

In my experience much as some emerging filmmakers like the idea of showing their work before a media savvy group of like minded people, the idea of ‘working the room’ to exchange visiting cards, information on working together, knowledge and advice, fills many with horror. The IMIS offers and arranges events where, in a relaxed way, it is possible to make and develop contacts.

Follow the link to discover more and see what events and opportunities are up and coming. Follow he additional links on the site to learn more about the work of the IMIS.

Networking&Drinks&LGBT Shorts

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