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End of June and there has been a surge of interest and activity around this Blog and around exposure on a number of immediately past, current and future events in the independent film world. It would not be reasonable to cover all these in one posting so this is by way of an advance notice on what I am going to be reporting on in the next few days/weeks. So, not in any order of precedence, here is what is going on.

Table Reading courtesy of the International Moving Image Society. 29 June 2019.

So, with Camden, London, temperatures above 34 degrees (that is 93 degrees in old money) ` gathering at The Etcetera Theatre were treated a performed table reading of extracts from six film scripts. These kind of events help independent film makers; identify flaws in their own work, through reading; get valuable feedback, sharpen creative and writing skills and support colleagues work. There had been submissions for the event from over 80 film makers and the inclusion of the six featured yesterday should be no discouragement to those whose scripts didn’t make the final table reading.

Those included yesterday were as follows:

Misapprehended by Dorcas Agbogun (joining is in a live video call from Nigeria)

2 Shrugs and a Hug by Rasheka Christie

The Sun Will Set by Kevin McCarthy

Flesh and Blood by James Murphy

Reflection by Nick Padmore

Sweet Spot by Yoav Rosenberg

Spatium by Devin Tupper

High standard and fascinatingly original we will, in due course cover each of these writers.

David Fussell, the Homeless Filmmaker. 

In the course of talking and catching up with John Higgins (a filmmaker that we will also we covering shortly) the subject of David Fussell, the Homeless Filmmaker arose. David’s work is inspirational and covering his work here is well overdue.

Elliott Hasler, Maldives and after.

We have covered the work of Elliott (“Charlie’s Letters”, “Refuge”, “To Hunt a Tiger”) previously. Elliott is currently in The Maldives for the premier of his independent short “To Hunt a Tiger”. How it came about, how it went and what the result was of an independent filmmaker, still under twenty years old, getting an invitation from a luxury hotel chain to premier his 12 minute short with them, is the stuff of legend; but it can happen and has for Elliott. So we will report on that plus Elliott’s new venture “Vindication Swim”.

David White and St Andrews School, Hove, UK.

Dave is a classroom teacher from Hove, UK, but one with a difference for Dave has introduced filmmaking, including “green screen” to the junior classroom curriculum. The impact has been stunning and the story of what happens there, how it came about and what the result has been is one worth telling. I had the privilege to interview David recently and the video result of that meeting will be posted shortly.

So that is twelve, at least, postings for the Blog to catch up on and each worthy of their own space. All to come in the next little while. Meanwhile, of course, always interested to hear from you as to what is going on with you, wherever you are in the World. Take care and see you again soon

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