Daya Dodds, Giant Squid Productions, The Soldier With No Name.

News from Daya Dodds, Giant Squid Productions, of the independent film maker’s latest offering, “The Soldier With No Name”.

This film tells the story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore and their dangerous and largely unheralded work behind the lines and undercover in Nazi occupied Jersey during World War Two. In particular their successful spreading of propaganda to German Soldiers. Currently in post-production the film follows up on Daya Dodds earlier work, in particular with actor Zoe Carroll, on completed projects “When Swallows Fly Low”, “Becky”, and “Pol, Where to Which Way”.

With music by Stratis Steele and the acting talents of Philip Andrew, Rayanna Dibs, Christian Schartel, Chris Bearne, Anna-Maria Georglades and Marcel Hagen the film is to be promoted through a range of festivals in 2019.

Daya Dodds has enjoyed considerable success with his earlier ventures and there is nothing to suggest that given the clear attention to detail, stunning location filming and original and engaging plot that Daya will not experience renewed success with this venture.

Our Blog will keep you up to date with the progress of this new project.

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