Pleased to announce new initiative for all independent film makers.

Greetings, after a Summer break we are back with new promotions, announcements on independent filming productions and promotions and, immediately, a new national and international initiative to promote and support the work of independent filmmakers around the World. If you are an independent filmmaker, no matter how small, this can include you. It is what this Blog is all about but this is the first time we have been able to offer specific rather than promotional help

Discussions are in process with the International Moving Image Society (IMIS) to establish a Community Interest Group specifically to support and assist the extensive work that is currently taking place around the UK and across the World. The aim of the group will be to examine and develop strategies for Funding for independent filmmakers, Marketing, and how to get your work out there seen, commented on and, hopefully, given the recognition it needs and deserves. Education and Training; IMIS accredits training courses the World over. There is good reason to suppose that the organisation is in a position to negotiate and make available short skills and training courses that meet the needs and obligations for Independent Film Makers, many of whom have other obligations and The Day Job to complete (!) that limits their ability to freely take off longer time periods. New Equipment Developments new cameras, lens sets, lighting and sound recording equipment is becoming available all the time and products that once cost tens of thousands of pounds can now be obtained for a fraction of prices twenty years ago. Yet what to buy, where and when?  IMIS is in a position to offer information on options. Quotas, whereby some cinemas offer a proportion of their screen time to independents is a long desired objective. In the UK. It is a thorny issue and there are models of good practice available elsewhere in the World if Governments were willing here. While there is no panacea to this issue, operating as a collective, with the influence of IMIS might raise the issue to formal debate once more.

The current plan is to determine the amount of support there is for such a Community Interest Group and then work with IMIS Chief Operating Officer, Bryan Cook and the Advisory Council to IMIS. To increase the influence of the independent sector.

A first meeting is planned in Brighton, East Sussex, UK this Autumn and other meetings can be arranged according to interest. If you are interested in taking part in this initiative then please make direct contact through to declare your interest. 

These are early days for this initiative and developments will be posted on this Blog site. However, if you are an Independent Film Maker please do take advantage and be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

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