Untimed by Fabio Reitano part of the From Home series

A further contribution to the From Home project for the Lockdown, part of a series organised by Lucy Nordberg and Marc Green of Moving Pictures Theatre, comes from Italian Director Fabio Reitano. The short film explores the director’s new discovery of his own home. He says

“In April 2020, Italy faced one of the most violent outbreaks of the Covid pandemic. Like many others, I’ve been stuck at home with a camera. While the planet was focussing on how empty the ‘outside’ was, I had the luck of noticing the richness of the ‘inside’. I’ve always believed growing up was about experiences and progress, I was wrong. It’s also about facing a buried past, made of difficult memories, old game boys, sweet melancholy, and VHS.”

The film below is the result.




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